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CC Heart I Boutique Aniek

Essential basics from CC Heart

CC Heart is a Danish brand and is the core of the fashion brand Coster Copenhagen. At CC Heart you will find essential basics that belong in every wardrobe and are the basis for every outfit.

At CC Heart, slow fashion is central and the essential basic styles are an important part of this. These styles form the basis of every wardrobe and are timeless. The brand offers a wide range of basic clothing items, including tops and T-shirts, that excel in their simplicity and fit.

CC Heart's tops and T-shirts are made of high-quality materials and have luxurious details that make the difference. The brand attaches great importance to craftsmanship and sustainability, so the garments last a long time and complement your wardrobe for a long time. CC Heart's basic clothing is available in different colors, so you always have an option that suits your style.

CC Heart is about finding those versatile essentials that you can always fall back on. Shop the CC Heart collection online at Fashion Boutique Aniek .

Upgrade your wardrobe with the timeless and high-quality pieces from CC Heart

Whether you are looking for a basic white T-shirt or a beautiful black lace top, this brand has it all. The CC Heart brand consists of the same core styles season after season, but is continuously updated with new color variants. This gives you the opportunity every season to get your favorite basic in new, seasonal colors.

Whether you go for a neutral color such as white or black, or want to wear a striking color, you will find it all at CC Heart.

Upgrade your basic collection with the timeless and high-quality garments from CC Heart and create the perfect basis for any outfit.

Shop now at Fashion Boutique Aniek and discover the versatile CC Heart collection !