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Coster Copenhagen I Boutique Aniek

Discover the new collection from Coster Copenhagen now at online women's clothing Boutique Aniek

At Coster Copenhagen they create collections for women who love colors and want to be sporty and feminine at the same time. Coster Copenhagen's mission is to design clothing that can be styled from day to night

The Danish clothing brand Coster Copenhagen makes easy-to-wear clothing in well-chosen qualities, with attention to nice details and the use of natural (sustainable) materials. Enjoy the perfect fit and ultimate wearing comfort, while looking stylish and trendy.

Be inspired by the beautiful knits , colorful blouses and playful tops from this Danish brand.

Sustainable clothing from Coster Copenhagen

Coster Copenhagen attaches great importance to sustainability and the use of natural materials. For example, we work extensively with recycled materials, organic cotton and Seawool .
Seawool is made from recycled plastic bottles from the ocean Seawool is wrinkle resistant, dries quickly, has anti-static properties and stops bad odors naturally. This keeps your garment fresh for longer and does not have to be washed (unnecessarily) often, which improves its lifespan.

In this way, not only are beautiful and comfortable garments created, but we also contribute to a better future for our planet.

Shop Coster Copenhagen online at Boetiek Aniek

Are you looking for clothing that is both comfortable and stylish? Then you've come to the right place at Coster Copenhagen. At online women's clothing Boutique Aniek you will find the latest collection of this Danish brand. Discover the unique and characteristic style of Coster Copenhagen and experience the ultimate wearing comfort of this brand.

Shop the new collection from Coster Copenhagen at online women's clothing Boutique Aniek.

  • Ultimate wearing comfort
  • Sustainable and trendy women's clothing
  • Colorful women's blouses
  • Soft durable knits