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Article: Get to know our brands: mbyM

Maak kennis met de merken van Boetiek Aniek: mbyM

Get to know our brands: mbyM

mbyM was launched in 2003 in Denmark. mbyM's signature style is raw femininity mixed with Scandinavian coolness. By creating stylish and uncompromising yet original and affordable designs.

Whether for a casual or dressy occasion, mbyM dresses the feminine, urban girl with edgy style and high wearability. The color palette in the collections is dominated by classic and neutral shades. These basic colors come to life every season with carefully selected accent colors and bold and refined prints.

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You will find a wide range of the Scandinavian clothing brand mbyM at Fashion Boutique Aniek. In our mbyM clothing collection you will find a collection of stylish, original and affordable designs, such as printed long dresses, fine knitted sweaters, wide trousers and beautiful fitted blouses.

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