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Article: Sustainability at Boutique Aniek

Duurzaamheid bij Boetiek Aniek

Sustainability at Boutique Aniek

Boutique Aniek is committed to more sustainability. For example, we use recycled packaging material, we use as little plastic as possible and we work with sustainable brands.

Clothing can be sustainable or environmentally friendly in different ways.

  • The products can be made of environmentally friendly material, such as bamboo, Tencel, organic cotton, linen, new innovative material or recycled material.
  • Less water is used during the production process. By only using rainwater for irrigation, or by reusing the water used for dyeing.
  • Other aspects of environmentally friendly production are preventing toxins in the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and working with biodegradable packaging materials.

More natural materials

The brands that Boetiek Aniek sells increasingly work with sustainable natural materials, such as:

  • Linen: Linen is biodegradable and is made from renewable raw materials. The flax plant – from which linen is made – needs less soil. Flax requires little fertilizer to grow. Linen is zero waist. Rope and coarse yarn are spun from the short fibers. The long and fine fibers provide the linen yarn. The straw from the flax plant is processed into sheet material for construction. The seeds (linseed) are used as a raw material in soap, wood protection products, care products and food. If you look at the entire production process, the energy consumption in the production of linen is only 8% of that of polyester.
  • TENCEL® (sustainably produced fiber): Tencel is made from eucalyptus wood (from sustainable forests), but feels a bit like silk due to the production process. The chemical products used are almost completely reused. By the way, Tencel is a brand name of a natural synthetic fiber called Lyocell; the producer won the European Prize for the Environment for, among other things, the chlorine-free bleaching process.
  • Modal: Modal is a natural and vegetable material made from wood pulp from the beech tree. The beech trees used for the production of this material grow in special, sustainably managed forests in Europe. The trees do not need to be artificially planted (the beechnuts that fall from the trees grow into new trees) and do not require artificial irrigation. Clothing made from the material modal feels wonderful because it is super soft. In addition, modal clothing is very strong, breathes well and falls beautifully. Dyeing modal is a lot easier, and therefore more sustainable, than cotton. Modal clothing can also withstand washing better and retains its color longer than, for example, cotton. In terms of sustainability, modal production requires 10-20 times less water than cotton.
  • EcoVero: Lenzing EcoVero is the sustainable version of viscose. The production of Lenzing EcoVero, unlike that of viscose, is carried out in the most environmentally friendly way possible. EcoVero is made from wood pulp from trees. And always from trees from FSC or PEFC certified forests in Europe. The company that makes the EcoVero material is Lenzing AG. They are focused on maximum sustainability. During the production process, the chemicals used to dissolve the wood into pulp are used again and again. In addition, the pulp is bleached 100% chlorine-free. The resulting material Lenzing EcoVero has the lightness, shine and comfortable wearability of viscose, but with a significantly less environmentally harmful production process. EcoVero is known for its color fastness. This means that the fabric remains beautiful even after many washes (at 30 degrees).
  • Wool: Biodegradable and made from renewable raw materials. Very strong fabric, long lasting. Breathable and self-cleaning fabric. This means you only have to wash wool very little, which saves water and electricity and wool does not contribute to plastic soup.

Natural materials: respectful of the environment, long lasting and comfortable to wear.

Recycled material

In addition to sustainable natural materials, recycled polyester is increasingly used. Polyester is reused to make new polyester fabric. The advantage of recycled polyester is that no new polyester (made from petroleum) is made, which consumes raw materials and energy and produces emissions, and the quality is just as good as 'normal' polyester.

Fair working conditions

Sustainability also includes fair working conditions. All brands we sell have fairly produced clothing and jewelry. This means that the workers who made the product work under safe and hygienic working conditions and during normal working hours. The workers are paid a living wage, which means they are paid enough money to buy food for themselves and their families, to pay rent, to pay for health care, to buy clothing, to pay for transportation and education and a little bit to have left over to save. There is no forced labor or child labor.

What can you do yourself?

  • Wash less. You save water and detergent and your clothes last longer.
  • Wash cold. Set the temperature of your washing machine to 30 degrees. This saves energy and ensures a longer lifespan for your clothing. Washing too hot can break the fibers of the fabric.
  • Hang your clothes to dry and do not use a dryer.
  • Buy sustainable clothing. Go for quality instead of quantity. A high-quality wool sweater will last much longer and will not pill after just a few wears.
  • Give clothing a second chance, are you tired of your garment? Especially if you have sustainable clothing, you can still sell it well when you get tired of it. Because sustainable clothing lasts longer.

In short: Buy better, wear longer.

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