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Article: New brand: Herrlicher

Bij online dameskleding Boetiek Aniek shop je de nieuwe collectie Herrlicher dameskleding met mooie knitwear, blouses, truien en accessoires. De collectie kleding van Herrlicher is duurzaam, tijdloos en trendy.

New brand: Herrlicher

The German label Herrlicher has been designing timeless women's clothing since 2004. Herrlicher's collections have an authentic urban flair, perfect fit and high quality. The brand, which became famous mainly because of its jeans, not only has an extensive jeans collection, but also has a lot of beautiful other clothing such as knitwear, blouses, sweaters and accessories. Behind and for the Herrlicher brand is Mr. Licher, who has extensive experience as a designer in the field of high-quality clothing.

The Herrlicher clothing collection stands for timeless items, made from natural and soft materials and that you can wear all year round. Mr. Licher's high standards are the benchmark for a harmonious composition of perfect fit, best quality, individual style and fair trade.

Before the collection leaves the factory, each garment is individually checked for an excellent combination of fit, wearing comfort, material quality and fair trade, so that you can enjoy your new garment without any worries.

The stylized weaving comb in the Herrlicher logo symbolizes that refined textile selection - which is crafted with attention to detail.

Timeless design

Timeless is a term from Herrlicher's philosophy: producing garments that do not follow the fast fashion cycle. But design garments that are suitable all year round, are timeless and have high quality so that they will last for years.

Herrlicher stands for sustainability

Already in 2004, when Herrlicher was founded, metal and plastic labels were avoided. Since then, they have only used paper labels that are attached to the garments with a string (instead of plastic).

Herrlicher garments are produced in the Mediterranean region such as Italy, Greece, Istanbul, but also in Bulgaria and Portugal. The manufacturers are all small family businesses, the owners of which are all personally known to Mr. Licher. These companies are visited every 2-3 months. Fair trade and social justice have been the standard for years. Because all clothing is made in Europe, the transport routes are short, which ensures that no energy-consuming long transports are required for Herrlicher clothing.

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